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Global Remittance, Made Easy.

Make swift payments in any currency with multiple payment options. Gain financial freedom


Make Transfers & Bill Payments.

Swyft provides a fast, affordable, and secure payment solution that enables users to transact in local Nigerian Naira and receive money in USD, GBP, EUR and digital currencies.

Checkout with ease on 50+ websites.

Our visa and mastercard dollar cards are widely accepted. Easily create and start spending without boundaries


Don't just take our word for it, take theirs

It finally got swyft at this end Thank you@swyftpay_iofor making my X blue payment swift It is the way your Customer Service officer was available to ensure I get the issue resolved

We should not lie@swyftpay_iois just the best platform to get your dollar card, I've been trying to get one since forever, I just downloaded the app yesterday night and I still got my dollar card the same night, very very fast. I'm so so so happy RN Aliexpress here I come !!!!

When@_Debbie_OAtalked about the swiftness of @swyftpay_io , I thought it was this normal online hype but mehn, their services are beyond what she said. In less than 10 seconds, my VISA virtual card was created. Upgrading of KYC as simple and snappy as ABC. The CEO rocks not hype

@swyftpay_io virtual dollar card also works for paying Google play developer console...... Play Store go hear am 😂

@swyftpay_io breaks the chain of looking for cash for me #web3 #Fiat

Even during this cashless policy and bank issues, @swyftpay_io gat me 💯💯 #OAUTwitter

Thank you @swyftpay_io for making Valentine special ❤️

Used @swyftpay_io virtual card for my orders on AliExpress. Swift and seamless. 💜

Use @swyftpay_io for your twitter blue sub👍🏾❤️

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